Play in the European League

Compete in your sport and keep up with your studies! Franklin joined forces with Swiss Club FF Lugano and other local teams as part of the Prep Academy Sport System (PASS), a program that allows young athletes to train with FF Lugano and enjoy the competitive advantages of a top European soccer club.

PASS (Prep Academy Sport System) works with European teams to support student athletes. You can complete your bachelor's and/or master's degree, study abroad for a year, for a semester or for the summer and play competitive sports at the same time.

Franklin welcomes student athletes to join their tight knit international community in Lugano. You live in residence halls close to campus and have all the advantages of other university students and more:

  • An Academic Advisor that guides you in choosing courses to stay on track with your university degree
  • Help setting up a class schedule that works with your practice schedule
  • Access to campus resources for academic support and social activities.

To participate, apply separately to Franklin and PASS and declare your interest in both programs in both of your applications. In addition to Bachelor's and Master's programs, the following programs are available:

Gap Year/Freshman Abroad Year at Franklin – August to May

High School Graduates can apply for the Gap Year/Freshman Abroad Year at Franklin and the PASS Pro program. This allows you to earn university credits while living in Europe for a year and playing competitive sports. So, you take a Gap Year without leaving a gap in your progress towards getting a degree.

Study Abroad at Franklin – January to May

University Students can apply for Study Abroad at Franklin and the PASS Pro program.Join other university students, taking a semester to explore Europe and keeping up with your studies.

Summer at Franklin – June to July

University Students can apply for the Summer Program at Franklin and the PASS Prep program. Spend your summer in Europe and learn about European sports leagues without interrupting your program of study at your university.