With the mission of preparing students to become responsible, compassionate, and collaborative changemakers and leaders, Franklin University Switzerland is offering an all-new set of competitive scholarships for both Graduate and Undergraduate students. To be eligible, applicants may be required in some cases to send in sample work, recommendations, and a personal statement to be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

Hereafter, a special feature of Franklin's sustainability-related scholarships in honor of Earth Month and University Day.

Starting off with our Graduate programs, two high-performing student applicants for the Fall '22 intake will be awarded the brand-new Net Positive's Master Scholarship, inspired by Paul Polman's book "Net Positive: how courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take" – discover more hereBased on merit and deep commitment, this award amounts up to CHF 5,000 and is available for qualified students admitted in either one of the Franklin Master programs: the Master of Science in International Management (MSIM) in Digital Transformation, Leadership for Sustainable Food Systems, and Climate Action, or the Master of Arts in Responsible Art Management and Cultural Heritage (MARAM). 

The recipients of the Net Positive Scholarship will additionally have the opportunity to earn an extra CHF 2,000 while engaging in one of the several projects based on sustainability and responsible management provided by Franklin's Taylor Institute in collaboration with external partners such as the UN organizations – you can read more about Franklin’s educational partnerships here – the World Economic Forum, Lugano City institutions, local and international business, NGOs, and other Cultural organizations.

Besides the eminently practical academic curriculum, these scholarship recipients should also be active associates in other outside-of-the-classroom projects and initiatives. The new Franklin Green Office and the student-led international non-profit organization OIKOS International in Lugano – learn more here – are just two examples.  

To be eligible for the Net Positive Master Scholarship, future Graduate students need to apply by May 31, 2022. 

Moving to our Undergraduate opportunities, this year Franklin is launching a whole new set of scholarships for Fall '22 applicants. This list includes awards for SUNY Community Colleges students, those preparing for an IB diploma in any of the UWC member schools, and students with achievements and aspirations in creative fields. On the topic of environmentally-friendly engagement, the Ann Gardiner Award in Sustainability is the one that particularly stands out and will be offered to two . This scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated singular commitment to environmental science, heritage, studies and plans for a professional career related to the environment, climate action, sustainable development, and/or global policymaking. Based on merit and deep commitment, this award amounts up to CHF 5,000 and is available for qualifying students admitted in all Undergraduate majors.

In addition, upon enrolling to Franklin, each Undergraduate Ann Gardiner award recipient will be assigned one of the selection committee faculty members as an academic mentor to build a customized curriculum, offering the option for a 3+1 fast track (3-year Bachelor program + 1 year Master of Science in International Management). And finally, undergraduate awardees are also guaranteed a paid practicum, such as the Life-Long Learning Scholarship (LLLS) in their first year with the Green Office, which includes an additional award of CHF 2,000. 

To be eligible for the Ann Gardiner Award in Sustainability, future Undergraduate students need to apply by June 15, 2022, for Fall '22 or November 15, 2022, for Spring '23.

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