University Day is the annual celebration of Franklin University Switzerland's community. Since 2014, we commemorate our university, its accomplishments, innovative ideas, new projects, and research opportunities. This year we will be celebrating this anniversary on campus and on our social network channels on Wednesday, April 13th. 

Originally established to celebrate Franklin's accreditation as a Swiss institution, University Day has in time grown into an extended platform that highlights new and ongoing initiatives that inspire the Franklin Family. This month, while participating to Earth Month, we are showcasing and focusing on sustainable and green projects, programs, and concepts that make up Franklin. University Day will be filled with events on campus: Academic Travels meeting, a Majors fair in the Grace Library, a special meal plan at the Grotto and picnic on the President's Lawn, and an afternoon in the Nielsen Auditorium with a guest lecture from a Rothschild & Co. representative and the student and faculty academic awards. These initiatives will be accompanied by a lively social media conversation, so all of us connected to Franklin can be part of the celebration.

On Franklin’s 50th anniversary, President Greg Warden encouraged us to continue dreaming, risking, engaging with Franklin, and changing the world. He knew we had become what our founders dreamed Franklin would become, but that our story was also about the future.

"University Day is a chance to celebrate us as a university and our mission in creating leaders who will make a difference in the world. Over the past years, we have been doing remarkable things and are continuously working together as a community to create change and a better world." commented President Warden.

That adventurous Franklin spirit is especially at the heart of the giving project for University Day. Our project this year is supporting the senior class gift campaign in raising money to establish the new Franklin Green Office (FUS GO), a student-led hub and a space for collaboration and real-world applications of sustainability policies within the university community and beyond. The Green Office will involve students, staff, and academics working to advance sustainability in and beyond higher education. Furthermore, it will provide a central place for our community to seek solutions for a more sustainable campus and world.

FUS GO is perfectly in line with the values and aspirations of students and faculty at Franklin and is a clear statement of the institution's commitment to making sustainability an essential component of the Franklin culture. It will additionally provide a central place for dreaming, engaging, and finding solutions for a more sustainable campus and world. Our students will not only be learning about it, but they will also be living it.

How can you be part of Franklin's 2022 University Day?

  • Mark your calendar for April 13th, and if you are in the Lugano area, join us on campus.
  • Encourage participation and share the news on the exciting new FUS GO.
  • Go to our Instagram channel, search for and use the FUS University Day sticker and filter.
  • Share your reason for giving back using the hashtags #OneDayOnePurpose and #WeAreFUS.
  • On April 13, make your gift by visiting our One Day One Purpose webpage.

We hope you will join us for what promises to be a wonderful, community-building experience, and to celebrate our important student and faculty achievements together. Finally, please do make a gift to reflect our community’s strong commitment in moving towards a more sustainable future, building responsible leadership, and developing the FUS GO student-led initiative.